Groove Agent 4 Routing

Hi to all

I’m a new Joiner in this forum, my Name’s Fabo form Switzerland, and faced some issues with Groove Agent today. So hope to get some help over here :slight_smile:

I’ve recently created a new Cubase Project with Cubase 9.0.30 and have also running Groove Agent 4 Version

Two weeks ago I face the issue that after saving and restarting Cubase Groove Agent was no producing sound any longer. I assume that I have nothing changed on my end, at least I’m not aware of it. I’ve tried to check the routing within Groove Agent but was not able to figure out why it doesn’t work. Today I faced the same issue again.
So let me describe the problem a little bit further.
On the first look it seems to work as It should, on the Agent Mixer for Agent one I can see that there is signal in the Kit mix, also on different channels like snare, hihat and so on I can see that something is happening. On the AUX mixer is nothing of course, because I’m not sending anything to an AUX channel. But interesting is that even on the Kit Mixer I don’t see any signal on KIT1. Even in the agent mixer is something visible. So I tried to determine why the agent is not sending to the Kit Mix. I’ve tried almost everything I can imagine.

Attached some screenshots showing the Mixers and where the signals are available.

Hope someone can teach me how to fix it to understand in future better what went wrong over here.

If you need additional information just let me know.

Its running on an Mac Book with OSX Sierra installed. All software I’ve update a couple of days ago including all VSTs and Drivers.

Thanks a lot in advance. :slight_smile: