Groove Agent 4 SE

I recently bought the UR22 Interface, which came with Cubase AI, and Halion and Groove Agent SE. Everything worked great except I could never see Groove Agent in the Instrument Library, but did see and use Halion. So, I thought I would start over, and re-install the program, which in turn couldn’t happen without a new elicenser number. So I guess I’m waiting for Steinberg to give me a new number. This is what I sent them-
“I loaded the program once, but couldn’t ever see Groove Agent 4 in Cubase, but I did see and use Halion, So I thought I would start over. So I removed the entire program, and tried to reload it. It said I need a new elicenser number, and I don’t have one. Also, I must be doing something wrong as far as Groove agent goes, because I could never see it in the Cubase Program.”
It seems this whole “Groove Agent SE” thing might have issues from reading other posts. Can someone shed some light on this issue for me, or send me in the right direction, thanks.

I bought a UR12, and I’m having the same issue with Groove Agent not appearing anywhere. Curiously, Prologue, which doesn’t come with AI 8, AFAIK, is available in my instrument rack.

I’ve installed, activated, updated, uninstalled, re-installed, re-activated, updated again, and… nothing. Still no Groove Agent in my instrument rack, MediaBay, or the Plug-in Manager. Very frustrating!!!