Groove Agent 4

Hi all,

Whenever I open a certain project in Cubase, I get a warning:
“elicenser control message the license for Groove Agent 4 factory content will expire soon.”

I have Groove Agent 5 SE. Why am I seeing this most annoying message and how do I get rid of it? It only appears with one project and then the program freezes. Thanks.

I performed a search of all my drives and Groove Agent 4 does not exist on my computer. Where the heck is this coming from??? I did a search for it in the Windows registry. Nothing!

Did GA4 exist on your computer at sometime in the past? And if so is that when you created the Project.

Try creating a new empty Project and Import the Tracks from the old Project into it.

Thanks for chiming in, Raino. I don’t remember ever using GA4. It’s been a long time since I recorded because I was busy doing gigs for years. Since Covid has destroyed the live stage stuff, I got back into recording. All my previous work was done in Artist 8. It’s still on my computer. Do you suppose GA4 is embedded in it? Is that why it’s not showing up on any of my drive searches? Perhaps I can uninstall Artist 8? I have 10.5 Pro. No need for Artist 8 anymore.

I also checked my Programs and Features in the Control Panel. There’s a boatload of Steinberg programs - none of them GA4. It’s not listed in my eLincenser box either.

I’d leave 8 on your system at least for awhile until you sort this out. Different versions of Cubase are entirely separate installations and don’t really impact each other. I’d open the Project in C8 and poke around to see if GA is used on any Tracks.

Can’t recall if C8 had the Plug-in Manager yet, but if so that would be another place to look.

Importing Tracks into a new Project is likely the quickest way to recreate the Project. If importing Tracks also freezes the Program then import the Tracks one by one to find the culprit. Or if you have a huge number of Tracks it is faster to do half at a time and if one half freezes split that half into 2 quarters & repeat until you get down to one.

Great ideas, Raino. I still have C8 Artist on my computer and it does have the Plugin Manager. That will make it easier to track down the culprit.

Many thanks!