groove agent 4?

I’m wondering if groove agent is getting a update to version 4 in the near future (Groove agent 3 is released in july 2006, which is almost 5 years ago…)

any news?


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I noticed in the meantime they removed the “upgrade from GA1/GA2 to GA3”
A sign of a new upcoming version?! or maybe it’s just out of stock…?

Any official word if groove agent will still be developed in the (near) future ?

Years ago the developers announced that they would not be producing another version of Groove Agent, making GA3 and its final update, 3.0.2, the final installment. They were very clear about this at the time, and I doubt anything has changed.

thanks J L Bowie to let me know!

I communicated almost 2 years ago about an unsolved problem with sample rate conversion on mac osx and they wrote this:

At the moment we aren’t working for an update for
Groove Agent 3. Actually the up-coming update is in its planing-state.

No update is announced on the next messe, but I still hope they will release a new version sometime…


Well I was trying to gat an upgrade from GA2, but could not find any info on Steinberg site… Where can I find an upgrade?

Will there be an update if not i wil buying something else ?