Groove Agent 5.1.10 update for MacOS installing 50.020 version of standalone app

It says it all in the title, the Groove Agent 5.1.10 update for MacOS is installing the 50.020 version of standalone app on my Mac. The VST seems to be fine - it indicates that it’s 5.1.10.

Additionally, there significant problems with the standalone version as it is:

  • It doesn’t recognise any of the additional content I purchased - the VST version has no problem *edit - It actually does recognise the additional contact - user error on that issue.*edit
  • It’s got graphic glitches - again, the VST version is fine.

Oddly enough, the installer has installed v 5.1.10 of the SE standalone application.

And it doesn’t have the problems with the graphics

I’ve attempted a full uninstall of Groove Agent using the script in the installer package, and had the same results.

I have just upgraded to a M1 Pro MacBook Pro and am experiencing the same problem. The standalone app that is installed is still version 5.0.20, which doesn’t support Steinberg Licensing, and only runs in Rosetta mode.

The plugin and the SE version of the standalone app are both updated to 5.1.10, and work without having to use Rosetta.