Groove Agent 5.2 crashes Digital Perfomer 11.31

I’m writing to report that Groove Agent 5.2, even though recognized both as AU and VST3, by MotU Digital Performer under OSX Ventura 13.6.6 (and reportedly by other users under Sonoma) crashes the afrementioned DAW. There’s absolutely nothing to do, when an attempt of creating an Instrument Track with Groove Agent is done, a second later Digital Performer 11 crashes.
This is very, very annoying.

I’m writing again to report that Groove Agent 5 ver 2.6 runs fine under Mojave with Digital Performer 11.31, while on another computer running Ventura 13.6.6 Groove Agent 5 ver 5.2 (latest version) crashes DP11.31… Something has changed in the upgrade process, I suspect…
Any word about it from Steinberg programmers?

It’s quite strange that nobody replies this thread… am I the only one on this earth that would use Groove Agent inside Digital Performer 11?

I am going to guess not too many DP users on this forum. Did you try DP forums? There my be GA users there.

The issue is well known by DP users, but it seems that Steinberg doesn’t care about it. By the way, same said also for Halion…