Groove Agent 5 do not play the good pattern when I drag it from the pads

Hi everybody,

Someone can explain to me why I don’t get the pattern I hear and choose after dragging it from Groove Agent into his proper track ?

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Does it work, if you switch Groove Agent from Pattern to the Instrument, once you okay the pattern from the track?

Is the tempo of the project the same as the tempo in Groove Agent?

Hi Folks,

A bit late but I was having the same problem and I am just going to post what seems to have fixed the problem for me.

The problem occurs if I drag the pattern into the Groove Agent INSTRUMENT TRACK as I can see the OP did above - it maps the correct midi notes to the correct sound (drum/sample names are a bit muddled) but the note is placed corresponding to the correct sound - you can click each midi note and hear the correct drum sound. But for some reason upon playback it does not play as the pattern has been laid out on the track. It plays all sorts of other notes, which ended up for me being in other banks on the Groove Agent where no samples were loaded.

The fix - drag the pattern into an actual MIDI TRACK. Then assign the output of the midi track to the instance of Groove Agent SE you want - not the “Pattern” one but the “Main” one . This seems to work for me.