Groove Agent 5 error message on Windows 8.1

I want to try Groove Agent 5 and installed it an my Windows 8.1 System.
When I want to start Groove Agent following message is shown:


Any ideas how to get it running?
Kind Regards

Welcome to the forum.

Groove Agent 5 is not supported on Windows 8.1, you need at least a Windows 10 22H2 system.

Ahh ok, that’s why.

But the description in the download section states that Windows 7, 8, 10 & 11 is supported?

By the way, Groove Agent 5.0.50 seems to work on Win 8.1.

Steinberg has gradually dropped support for operating systems that have no manufacturer support, which includes all versions of Windows before Windows 10.

In particular, I believe that Steinberg Licensing is not supported on Windows 8. If so, you cannot buy Groove Agent 5 as a standalone product or as part of the Absolute bundle, as all new Groove Agent and Absolute licences are on Steinberg Licensing.