Groove Agent 5 missing content: LDW-China_Stick-Hit-Choke

Hello readers,

I’m on a Mac High Sierra using Cubase 10.0.60 and discovered that I can’t use Groove Agent Acoustic Agent: no sound…
GA reports to me that LDW-China_Stick-Hit-Choke etc. is missing in sound archive: it’s not on my computer…
I also checked in Steinberg Library manager
What should I do?

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Did you have any luck with this? I get 3 errors when opening Groove Agent SE 5 - VST Sound Library “Groove Agent ONE Main” not found. Same with “Acoustic” and “Beatboxes”… Then when I open different kits, various samples are missing like Hihat01bb10.wav which is nowhere to be found on my computer.

I’ve looked in Steinberg Download Assistant for Groove Agent ONE content but it’s not available. I think if I can re-download that content, it should fill in the gaps.

No… I’ve finally deleted the very annoying message which came up every time I started up Cubase, tho I’m very patient and most of time I can’t rest until I solved a problem; maybe someone else can chime in? since we’re not the only ones with the same problem!