Groove Agent 5-No License Found

I have reinstalled Cubase 12 on a new SSD. All ok except I get Groove Agent 5 -‘No License Found’
I can open the programe-but it’s empty
Steinberg’s Library Manager is not picking up the contents, but they are there in the folder.
Groove Agent SE5 is working fine

I have reinstalled e-Lincensor and updated the dongle-no change.
I’ve tried reactivating but It tells me to ‘Request Support’
I’ve been using it for years

Please make sure that you’re running the latest version of Groove Agent 5. You can download the plugin and its content from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Start the eLicenser Control Center. Does your license show up in your USB-eLicenser dongle, or was it installed to a Soft-eLicenser? Only the Soft-eLicenser requires reactivation, which can be done by following these steps:
Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes)

Once you get Groove Agent 5 working again, don’t forget that you can switch to new Steinberg Licensing system. Only do this after verifying that your license is working like it should:
Upgrade voucher in MySteinberg for switching to Steinberg Licensing

If you don’t want to re-download the content, please double click the .vstsound files to register all libraries in that folder to the Steinberg Library Manager. Don’t forget to set the default library location by clicking the gear icon to the top right.