Groove Agent 5 no program on Mysteinberg

I bought it, installed it on a PC, activated it and used it. However, I noticed that the program on My Steinberg is not visible. When I tried to re-register elicencer I couldn’t. So I used the steinberg program to remove the elicencer, installed a new elicencer and registered it on the steinberg website and when I want to reactivate groove agent5 I get this message

You’ve probably already tried reinstalling eLisencer control, if not, give it a try.

Do you by chance have more than one My Steinberg account?

It’s happened to some users before. Somehow they inadvertently created more than one account, and registered different things to different or wrong accounts.

You might try running through the usual ‘I forgot my user login’ process on the MySteinberg account login page, and see if you get more than one response in whatever email accounts you might have associated with the account.

If that doesn’t work, of course, file a support ticket. Those can be done via My Stienberg account. Another route is to go to this link, scroll down, and click the ‘submit ticket’ button.


A product download code in Download Assist is different from the license key to register a program.

Double check all the codes that came with your purchase. I got confused by this when I purchased the Phillips Jazz drum stuff. Took me a loop or two to figure it out!

Thank you for your help. None of your ideas worked. I wrote an email to help steinberg. I am waiting for their reply.

It’s been 5 days since I created my steinberg inquiry ticket. I have not received any reply yet. How long do I have to wait for help. What is this company …

Sorry you’re having issues. Not cool at all.

Keep sending tickets. Maybe try sending it through your MySteinberg account instead of via the link I posted earlier in the thread.

There’s a phone number on that link you might try.

I sent via my account on My Steinberg, but it has an “open” status all the time