Groove Agent 5 - noise at 96kHz


Groove Agent 5 produce noise on toms in Cubase 10 at 96kHz and 88kHz. At all other sample rates everything is OK. Tested on two sound cards - Presonus Studio 192 Mobile and Zoom UAC-2. Also, when using default drum, GA5 crashes Cubase 10. I changed default drum to Acoustic Agent - no crash. After re installation of GA5 and all sound sets problem is still here.

Please help!

I am having the same problem in GA4 with both UA Apollo Twin Duo and Focusrite Clarett 4pre.

Are you using Groove Agent SE?
I encountered the same problem when testing the Simon Phillips Jazz Drums on Groove Agent 5 SE. I then also downloaded the testversion for full Groove Agent. I loaded the set in the same project once with 5 SE and once with full Groove Agent 5, running them at the same time. SE version will have noise when high sample rates are set in project settings while full version sounds clean no matter what.

In the Steinberg shop, when comparing full version to SE it only says that SE supports 16bit only (tested it with 16bit btw) but it seems that SE also has limited compatibility running above 44.1/48khz. Could not find a source to confirm that being the case, though.
Using an Audient ID44 btw not that it would seem to matter.

I’m using full version of Groove Agent 5. Now in Cubase version 11, problem is solved. Every drum from every library works perfect in all sample rates. Tested with Presonus Studio 192 Mobile and Zoom UAC-2.