Groove agent 5 SE loading user presets

So I’ve created some user presets in a folder on my samples drive. I’ve done this using “Export Kit with Samples”

What’s the easiest way to load those back into Groove Agent? They don’t appear in the preset window at the top…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try to search the file manually or via MediaBay and just load it.

Thanks. Managed to do that. :slight_smile: Any way to get them to appear in the preset browser?

Look at the library selection in GA you have : factory only/ user only / and factory+user

Thanks for your reply. Can you give me a bit more of a guide where I find these options?

I’m currently clicking here:

Where do I go from there?

the 3 little icons on the top left of “latin” search box

Thanks :slight_smile: