Groove Agent 5 SE Styles in Elements 11

Hey all,

I did a “new/full / (not update)” install of Elements 11 on a new build Windows machine and moved my 10 license that was on my previous machine (plus the upgrade/update).

I had not played with Groove Agent SE recently so I’m unsure whether I’m missing something here but it seems to me that when I load acoustic styles; that there are not as many as I expected. I show 30 with this install.

I downloaded and installed all the content for Cubase Elements 11 in the download assistant / as I did not have the previous install on this machine.
So I think / expect that I got “everything” …
The “Groove Agent Content” part of this was a good size: 6.15 GB …

I did double-check and “All Instrument Sets” is selected.
The choices there are:
Studio SE = 19
Vintage Kit = 1
The Kit SE = 10

Are there only 30 Styles with SE? I thought that there were lots more …

Any thoughts and advice appreciated.

Thanks loads!


I’m sorry, I don’t know the exact numbers, but if you installed all you found on the Cubase Elements 11 page in the Steinberg Download Assistant, you have all content installed.