Groove Agent 5 SE The Preset Could Not Be Loaded After Updating

So Cubase has been very glitchy and also Groove Agent 5SE wasnt finding Sounds.
So i was advised on forum to update latest version of Groove Agent 5SE So FIRST OF ALL I Downloaded Cubase 11 pro and AfTER THAT i also downloaded the latest update of Groove Agent 5 SE

Groove Agent 5 SE is not allowing me to load Instruments
I have included image,i have downloaded the latest version so how on earth do i fix this.
I also downloaded Nashville Drums after this,i am confused by these different add ons,i am allowed to download Nashville drums or do i have to pay for this

Are these presets not loading because i have downloaded Nashville drums and not purchashed it,I just wish i could get a version of Cubase 11 pro and Groove Agent 5E That Works

possibly, you have to buy Nashville drums it doesn’t come with GA.

is that a preset from Nashville drums - or is it all presets ?

My head is scrambled af this point ,I just uninstalled the Nashville add on,I ended up uninstalling cubase 11 pro and groove agent 5 se and reinstalling they seem to be better I think,touch wood lol