Groove Agent 5 SE validation issue on Cubase 12

I own a Cubase 12 Pro license.

When I try to load Groove Agent 5 SE into a track I get the following message:


After clicking the OK button, the instrument is loaded into the track, but the instrument appears to be disabled:


If I then try to revalidate my licenses using the eLicenser Control Center (as suggested in the first error message), I get the following result:

Unfortunately, when I try once more to load Groove Agent 5 SE into a track, the instrument is still not working, and the same error message shows up again:


As additional information, I have to say that I’ve never experienced such an issue before updating my Cubase 12 Pro instance to maintenance update 12.0.40, together with all the supporting software updates available in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Please make sure that Groove Agent SE 5 is updated to 5.1.11, and the Steinberg Activation Manager is updated to 1.4.0.

Groove Agent SE needs to be updated to use the Steinberg Licensing system used by Cubase 12. This error is likely being caused because you’re using an old version that’s looking for a Cubase 11 license in an USB-eLicenser dongle. If GA SE is outdated and you unplug your dongle, it will stop working.