Groove Agent 5 SE ,

I simply wish to do what is being done on this video.

populate drum instrument lists with choice of individual drum samples. such as
kick drum.snares,etc, then audition drum samples ,then drag drum samples onto pad in order to save a custom kit
However i cannot get the instrument drop down list to fill with sampled drums sounds.

I have tried the rescan disc button in groove agent,still no individual instruments populate or show in drop down menu.
Do i need to do something in media bay in order to get all the individual sampled drum sounds to show up in Groove Agent.
It would be really nice to get an answer to this,thankyou

Above image is from the above video set up which is working
The image below is from my Groove Agent SE 5 Set Up which is not working.

What happens if you click on the sub category “Kick Drum”?

There is nothing within that sub category

Click on the all instruments set line and select “All Agents”.

Thanks I will try tomorrow,I’m having an early night tonight

Hi i tried that it doesnt work either.
If i muck about in the browser window i can eventually find some Alun Morgan drum instruments and audition them.
I wiped all trace of steinberg from my pc including preferencese folder,done clean reinstall of cubase 11 pro and groove agent 5 se using the target default download locations.
Still cant get what should really be a very easy thing to work,only logical thing i can think of is these drum instruments are downloaded in wrong location and groove agent 5se isnt finding them.
Ive got no chance of getting through to tech support when i telephone,so i cant find out
From reading other posts it would appear than Superior Drummer is a more user friendly option so i think i will end up going down that road,shame as i was getting the hang of Groove agent,obviously not well enough lol.
Thanks for your help