Groove Agent 5 - So few styles not 4/4 signature

Just purchased GA5 and I’m truly shocked and disappointed with how few styles are available that are not in 4/4 signature with the default instrument sets. Is modern music really this boring!

Can anyone tell me best expansion packs to purchase to access other time signatures…7/8, 5/4. 3/4, 6/8 etc. Shame I just missed the 50% off promotion.

Is there any other way of getting hold of or sharing patterns with GA5?


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the simon phillips jazz expansion has a few that are non 4/4.

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Thanks. £68 for that one. I will download the demo but may have to wait for the next sale to purchase.

The Marco Minnemann expansion includes quite a few non 4/4 ones, though the pack is geared toward rock and metal.

if you get some Développement on rythme signature other than 4/4 let me now! having the same problem and I find some good stuff at DOD (drum on demand) pretty serious stuff there