Groove Agent 5 sounds in Cubase 11

Hi. Any tip on how Groove Agent 5 finds the drumsets? I have rearranged my HD’s and GA can’t relocate them?

hello, have you installed the libraries! ??

I believe I have, but I might have done it wrong? Normally there would be a search function that would find it by itself, but I get the answer can’t find the *.X kit, and nomatter what I do I get no result?

Hi! if you have already installed the libraries, normally Library Manager can locate and relocate them according to your needs. However, once installed, they are normally available in GA or GASE.

I have had the GA since the beginning, and I have never had this problem before. Every time I start Cubase I get Can’t find drumsets
etc. on all sets.

Please, check in the preset browser