Groove Agent 5 update too expensive!

The full version costs 179,00€ and the update from version 4 to version 5 99,00€? That is clearly too much, realistic would be rather 49,00€. You should revise the update price again.

It does look a bit pricey to me as well


The price of up-dating is higher, than a half of cost of a product! Greed limit! What is going on.

I agree.

Must be a lot of work put in to it, to justify that upgrade price.
Asking steady users to take the “big bill”, is not always the best marketing.
I would probly understand it better if they bumped the price of the plugin up to 249€

Even at 249,00 are € 99,00€ would be too high.

For the HALion 99,00€ is ok, the full version costs 379,00€ and the update prices for Cubase are ok too, but this is definitely too much.

Just upgraded. I think it’s the new “The Kit” library. Some would pay $50-$100 for that alone–maybe that is Steinberg’s logic. But, yeah, should have been a bit cheaper to update.

Yes, it is too much.
Even Halion sonic can be questionable, as it follows the same upgrade price as halion.

Maby it is a online store algo that is the fault?
3 products in the online store, 3 different prices, but still same asking price for update.

Yep i was really happy when i saw the update but left after i saw the price i left the page

Me too … Had GA2 for a while, then came GA4, and i could never get accustomed to the quirky interface regarding all it’s possibilities, especially when importing user MIDI and sound data. So i bought EZdrummer a few years back, and now i am a Superior Drummer 3 user. Compared to that Groove Agent 4 is more of a kids toy LoL. GA2 was that too, but far easier towards getting useful results. I’d rather spend my 99 on some Toontrack SDX kit.

What also p-i-s-s-e-d me off is that i bought some add-ons, and with the Jazz Essentials pack there was a TRUE ESSENTIAL MISSING: No Jazz Waltz (3/4) tempos. Beats me.

PS Now i wonder about this; I bought Absolute 3 a little while back … GA4 was included, but there’s no upgrade path … F

Too expensive for me as well, out of order Steinberg and still no synth engine. I hope this is not the start of Arturia type thing of offering the main product really cheap then stinging you every year for half the price for a update. Count me out. Will stick to Maschine.

Agree with others, this upgrade seems a tad expensive; nothing really ‘stellar’ here, over and above GA4… I own GA4 full too, and am happy with that - and AD2…! :slight_smile:

Ditto on the price. Throw in an expansion or discount the expansions with purchase or something. Cubase pro 9-9.5 is $59!!!

Way too much money for the upgrade . Throw in two expansions I would be in. I will not be upgrading at that price

Yes. The update is too expensive.
I won’t update at this price.
Dumb move, Steinberg.

I agree. For those who bought it year ago from scratch, especially. Here near no new significant features, mainly soundpacks. Upgrade price should be about 40-50, but anyway not 100. It’s funny, I want to do that too.

Hi. I recently bought a GA 4. 100 euros for an update for me is expensive.
I am willing to pay for the upgrade $ 30- $ 40.
New purchased product must be updated free or not expensive.
I like GA4, but not very stable.

Waaay too expensive.
I guess this will be the new upgrade price policy…so im switching to EZDrummer now. Its only 40 EUR more than the GA5 upgrade and right now you get a free expansion on top.

I hope this upgrade pricing strategy will not be the same for cubase. If so…cubase 10 upgrade will be like 300 EUR :confused:

Definitely not for the upgrade price of $150 from GA 4. No way.

upgrade price is too high. no purchase.