Groove Agent 5 with Yamaha DTX-Multi 12


I am new to using midi when recording and I am finding it difficult to get started. I have a Yamaha DTX- Multi 12 that I have connected to Cubase Elements 10 and Goove Agent 5. I would like to play a standard rock/pop drumkit and where I am stuck is how to get the samples mapped to the right pads on the DTX.

Where do I start? Do I upload a kit in Groove Agent that I like first? When I do that the samples are not mapped in a way so I can play. I tried to change the midi notes in the DTX so I for example got a Tom on pad nr 6 on the DTX, but then I got a second sample on the pad so there were two samples playing when I hit pad nr 6.

I also tried to browse a sample in Groove agent and drag and drop it onto a pad in Groove Agent but it didnĀ“t work, when dropping it nothing happend.

I am very new to this and find it hard to find info of how to get started, I have been trying to read and google and so on but it would be very appreciated to get some help here.
Thank you!

Hi again! I figured it out, Thank you!