Groove agent 5

Hello everyone ,
I have this issue that some files are missing “ some groove agent contant “
For an example the percussion kit , anyways i tried to download the contant and added them but i cant find them in groove agent !

Any idea ?


Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have installed from the Full Installer, please. You can also reinstall from the Full Installer.


Where do you find the full installer?




In the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Hi Again!

Do i have to reinstall cubse again, just to sort out issue with GA?



It depends… Are you talking about Groove Agent SE 5 (GASE5)? If yes, the whole GASE5 library is in the Cubase Full Installer.

If you are talking about Groove Agent 5 (what is Cubase independent application), you would need Groove Agent 5 Full Installer, which contains the whole library.