Groove Agent and Logic Pro

Back in the days of Mac OS 9 I used Cubase VST/32 and Groove Agent 1. Despite the general horror of the whole environment with its Extensions Manager and Free MIDI and all the other complex and frail workarounds, it worked and I recorded successfully with GA-1 working in the background as a plugin/MIDI instrument and simply providing some excellent sounds for a MIDI drum track.

Then along came Mac OS X. At some point I purchased Groove Agent 2 and I found out that it was not at all compatible with anything much on a Mac. After many, many delays Groove Agent 3 was finally released and I went and spent the money on that as well.

In the meantime I had moved from Cubase to Apple’s Logic Pro, where plugins are in the form of ‘Audio Units’, and was assured by Steinberg France that GA-3 would function fine with Logic. Indeed it was verified during the AU check upon installing and firing up Logic Pro for the first time. It all looked sort of … normal !

The GA-3 standalone program functioned but, although it is very cool I have no particular use for it and just wanted it to perform as before as a MIDI instrument or plugin. However, I have NEVER been able to work it out.

Now, at least five or six years later, I have a very important recording to make for my daughter’s wedding and so I am reacquainting myself with multi-track recording in OS X. And I STILL cannot work out how to incorporate Groove Agent.

So, after all of that introduction, what I need to know is whether or not Groove Agent 3 will function as an Audio Unit with Logic Pro 9 and if so, how the hell is it accessed from within Logic? Currently it does not show up in ANY menus or options.

I think you’re posting in the wrong forum. Try the Virtual Instruments section.