Groove Agent and Roland TD-50x - VH-14D Hit Hats!

Not a new topic, but it is one that has not been resolved – at least I cannot find a resolution.

“How to get Roland Hi Hats to work with Groove Agent (5.2)?”

Superior Drummer and EZ Drummer and Addictive Drums all work flawlessly with the Roland TD-50x with VH-14D Hi Hats! Why can’t Groove Agent?

If anyone has a solution (STEINBERG), please let me know. There are so many great and unique things about Groove Agent that I love, but as a drummer, not being able to play the thing with a kit is just ridiculous! As far as I can see, this Roland Hi Hat problem has been an issue going on almost ten years! I know Steinberg is owned by Yamaha, but Roland e-kits are still some of the most widely used!

I use Cubase extensively, and like its integration with Groove Agent. It’s just this Hi Hat issue that pushes me to use other plugins. :frowning:

OK, so I have come extremely close to making it workable.

  1. In Show Pattern view – select “Use pattern midi port for pattern pads,” from the little midi icon in the lower left of the interface. This will keep the patterns from being triggered.
  2. In the Instrument view – select “Hardware Controller Mapping,” from the lower right of the 16 pads. Looks like a stick hitting a pad.
  3. From the arrow next to the little stick hitting a pad icon, select “E-Drum Controller 01.” Not perfect mapping, but a good start.
  4. From there, in the instrument window you will see settings for the Hi Hat – Shank, Tip, Foot and HiHat Open.
    Not as smooth as SD3 or the Roland TD-50 itself, but at least it works!
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Hey there,

I’ll look at the shank/tip/foot settings when get a chance. I Just thought I’d chime in with my experience (I have also gone your route with using it with an ekit for the most part)

I use an edrumin set up at home, works amazing with slate drums and superior drummer 3, but I was so hankering for the Simon Phillips sound, I threw caution to the wind and got them. All drums are AMAZING and absolutely Simon Phillips signature sound. Albeit missing some articulations which I consider the norm (choke on ride, rim/rimshots on toms etc)

Hihat was a pig to set up. I ended up going with the midi note per bow/edge/stage of open/closed route. It was really time consuming to set up, but got there in the end. This has been the best way for me so far.

But it pales in comparison in terms of playability compared to the aforementioned drum samplers. With foot/cc data, the sound in jittery going between transitions. With some adjustments to playing, you can make it work for sure. How good the drums and kit in general sound, kinda makes up for it.