Groove agent Common Content can not be loaded

Hi Every Cubasers,


I already have an groove agent SE 5 with Cuabse Pro 12


I try to install my old Absolute 2 bundle vst and I see that I need to use old dongle licence system with this. Thus I uninstall all plugins contain into absolute 2. Now Cubase tell me to want loading “Groove Agent Common Content” whereas I already uninstall this and cubase does not have this plugin into his libraries VST.

Why and How can I full uninstall old Groove Agent ?

  • Windows does not recognize this app (already uninstall)
  • What is the specific files that cubase need to load exactly
  • Why cubase need to load content of an VST not listed into library

Perhaps you can enlightening me about loading concept of Cubase.

Did you use the Steinberg Library Manager to remove them? If not, do so.

Ok no problem Steve but can you tell me which around all of this ?

I don’t know which belong Groove Agent SE and old groove agent install…

I don’t know what you are trying to say with the second screenshot
It says the name of the product right there in the display. of the earlier screenshot. Please do not make complexity where there is none. Remove the files that belong to the products you do not have a license for.