Groove Agent: Company Integrity

I just Googled Steinberg Groove Agent for the heck of it. I purchased this item back in 2007, and was so utterly disappointed with it. It didn’t integrate with ProTools as promised and it was basically a runtime drum machine with no midi pattern drag n’ drop nor editing.

I am surprised to see that you’re still pushing this product and not at all surprised to see the negative feedback on it. I wonder if you have ever made any attempt to reimburse customers for the initial “Beta sold as product” version or offered any free upgrades to those users?

I since threw my copy into the trash as it never offered anything of use nor did my laments on the message board. I am a thoroughly committed EZ Drummer user now, and have been so amply rewarded by switching.

Hi Jeronimous,

I (plus many others) did not find anything drastically wrong with GA3. It seemed perfectly fine for what it was. It may not have been earth shattering as such but it did the job so to speak. And the UI was nice to work with. Not sure why you claim to have trashed it though (should you care to elaborate please?).

GA4 is worlds apart (for the better or worse depending on who you are talking to) so it is not easy to draw comparisons. They are quite simply two different beasts.

I don’t remember reading any of your previous threads on this topic but then I just noticed that your POSTS total states ‘1’!? Unless or course you have changed your username along the way for whatever reason?



I think: possible Troll … better ignore :wink:


Hi D_A,

Oh I see! Thanks Alex.


I’m no troll thanks, but rather a customer who was cheated out of a couple hundred dollars. I posted a number of times back when I was actively trying to resolve the deficiencies between promised functionality and actual. And there was no solution. Whether it “seemed perfectly fine for what it was” to you or not, it didn’t do what it was explicitly advertised to do, namely integrate as a Rewire device in Pro Tools. And at the time there was no effort, despite posts here to resolve that or reach out by Steinberg; only CYA posts that didn’t accept responsibility.

And I would have submitted an email to the support group, but interestingly enough there’s no direct means of just doing this outright. This most recent post was a bit of sour grapes and also done with earnest hope that someone at the company would reach out with a “Oh we’re sorry you were disappointed, and yes it did fail to live up to advertised functionality–can we offer you the current product for a compensatory redress of this bit of bad business on our part?” I purchased the product on good faith but would never ever purchase a Steinberg product again do to this. But thanks for inventing VST.

Hi Jeronimus,

I do not own/use PRO TOOLS and so I can not comment in this area.

I am not sure of the difficulty you had in submitting a Support Request? I have done so successfully on a few occasions (even with my poor IT skills!) and found the procedure to be troublesome free.

So this post is something of a last ditch attempt in resolving your issues/feelings you might say?


Jeronimus, Your complaint from 8 years ago has been noted in this thread. There indeed was a way to submit support requests in 2007, and there still is.

“Please check whether your product is currently supported by us!” –

I had hoped that a Steinberg employee would jump in to this thread and say “Hey let me see what I can do about your concerns”. However this (below) has been submitted to customer service. I’ll gladly post about a satisfactory response, if one is received.
I purchased Groove Agent in 2007. I found that it did little of the promised functionality, most importantly integration with Pro Tools. I would like discuss the subsequent improvements and whether or not any attempt was made to reimburse customers or make good on functionality through distributed upgrades.

Enough. you are in the USA, log into your account at and open a ticket.