Groove Agent components not activated

Hi :grinning:
Just upgraded to Cubase 13. I have also bought from Steinberg Groove Agent 5 one or two years ago. All installed well under Cubase 10.5, but when I removed the USB key, after upgrading to Cubase 12, some components of Groove Agent (beats, Drumsets etc) can not be loaded, they have some red - sign next to them. I thought that when I upgrade to Cubase 13 the issue will somehow solve itself. But, it did not. If I double click on them, the message appears that the license for that particular component is missing: Colling Worlds, Purple etc. Can someone tell me what to do to retieve those components? I tried only reinstalling Groove Agent 5, but that did not help. In Activation Manager all seems to be fine, but it is not. Should I deactivate Groove Agent 5 and install it all over again? I think that I have the activation key somewhere in my E-mail that I recevied after puchasing Groove Agent 5.
Thank in advance :blush: