Groove Agent content that I don't own

When scrolling through “Instruments” in Groove Agent 5, which I got as Part of the Absolute 4 bundle, there are instruments in the list (for example “Avalon”, which a right-click\Search for… reveals is part of “Future Electronica”), which I don’t own. How can I stop this content that I don’t own appearing in the “Instruments” window? It means that when auditioning sounds I get lots of empty sounds. I’ve tried a complete re-scan, with no success.

I’ve just noticed that when I open the Instruments filter there are 5 Sounds Sets in there that I don’t own - Colliding Worlds, Future Electronica, Future Past Perfect, Metronomic Cinema, and Neuro Mindset. I can select each of them them, and it loads all the Instrument Names, but they’re all empty. I haven’t downloaded them, and they don’t appear in the Library Manager.