groove agent crash

when i try to load from the inside of groove agent 4 , the full version , many times i have crashes . any known bugs ? Steinberg , Please fix this !

mac pro cubase 9.54


Please attach the crash file located in macOS Console/User Reports utility.

i’m trying to send you it says Your message contains 241962 characters.
The maximum number of allowed characters is 60000.

i’m trying to attach a PDF or RTF with no success . how can send it ?

anyway I attached a dropbox link with the file [url][/url]

Attach as a zip archive.

here’s the zip
Groove (284 KB)


Please attach the source *.crash file to be able to resolve it. PDF Is malformed.

it works perfectly fine in my computer . you can log into my team viewer and see .anyway , do you have an email i send it next time i’ll have a crash ?
what kind of format do you prefer ? i used mac OS so i use TEXT edit and export as PDF , which works perfectly fine here .


I can read the file, but not resolve. As I said, I need the source *.crash file. Not copy to any text editor. In the worse case send me a TXT (plain text) file.

Where do i find this crash file ?


On Mac you can find it in the macOS utility Console > User Reports.

Here it is , thanks
Cubase (34.3 KB)


I’m sorry, for some reason, I can’t resolve the crash file. This crash is from Cubase 9.5.30. Make sure you have the latest Cubase 9.5.41 update installed and send me a new crash file from Cubase 9.5.41 if it still crashes, please.

I do have the latest from the day it’s out . anyway , next time it’ll happen i’ll send it again . Thanks for your time

Here’s another crash log from right now
Cubase (37.4 KB)


This crash was in Groove Agent.

I obviously get it . because it happen a lot with groove agent browser . any chance it will be fixed ?


I will send the crash file to Steinberg (HALLY-7683).