Groove Agent CRASHING, zoomed in

When I have Groove Agent SE zoomed as big as what I can, and I trim or play a trimmed sample, Cubase crashes

Do you mean zoomed in on the sample within groove agent?

Is your graphics driver up to date?

When I enlarge the Groove Agent Window across the screen so that I can see the whole GA interface larger and I then trim a sample, Cubase crashes

No such issue, here (Cubase 12.0.50 Pro, Windows 10 22H2) :

I would suggest to restart Cubase in safe mode, disabling temporarily the preferences. Something might went wrong in one (or more) of your preference files…

I somehow didnt even know you could make the window that big lol. looks cool, how do you do this?

Try using the download assistant to fix the files. uninstall GrooveAgent then reinstall, Try without the latest update first , then if that works then install the latest update.

Well, I have simply used the mouse to extent the borders of GA SE5 window in every directions, as there is no Maximize icon available on it.

All plug-ins window behave differently one from the others, actually. In example, GA SE5 one allows such an extension, but BFD3 doesn’t (at least in its version), in this case : there are commands to widen the window dimensions, though…