Groove Agent: cutting samples by others

How do I make one sample kill a previous sample during a drum pattern? I want my closed hihat to stop the open hihat playing as it hits after

From what I see (using Groove Agent 5 SE), you can directly adjust this when using Acoustic Agent SE based presets. In these, and when selecting hi-hat pads in the Edit pane, you can control the hi-hat behavior.

Beside this, and even with Beat Agent SE based presets, it seems that the “Hihat closed” pad (F#1) interrupts the “Hihat Open” one (A#1), at least here.

Can’t tell much more about Groove Agent (SE), I admit, as I usually load BFD3 for my drums sounds…

Can’t find anything regarding “Beat Agent” anywhere on Steinberg’s website

try this search:“Beat+Agent”+Steinberg++website

In the Groove Agent SE interface, the Load kit window allows you to choose among different agents. See the Groove Agent SE 5 operation manual for this.

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Nothing there telling me where to find the actual software

@cubic13 posted

Still I have no idea how to setup the pads to kill other pads when they play

You already have the ‘software’, actually. In the GA5 SE window, use the Load kit function and select the relevent agent from there, on the top of it.

I don’t think Groove agent has monophony | poliphony option.

Hi redskyroad.

I think what you’re looking for is the “Exclusive Pad” function that can elude many in GA and GA SE, it had me stumped for quite a while.

In GA, select the “MAIN” tab. To the right of “Mode and Poly” you will see “Excl” from there you can assign a channel for the pads you wish to work in Exclusive mode. ie: Hi-Hat on 1 and Open Hat on 1, your HH will cancel out your OH.

Here is a screenshot to make it simple. Let us know if this helps.


This works exactly as expected. Thank you so much!

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Glad to be of help.

Had me going for months. It’s so easy to setup, but so hard to see just how lol.

You go for it.