Groove Agent. Don't reach to make it work


I’m from Paris,

I am trying to understand how Groove Agent 5 works and I must admit that it is not obvious.
Besides, I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it.
When I create a Groove Agent instrument and try to load anything into Groove Agent, it seems that many files misses in my Cubase.

For example, when I load from Style: Electronica / Dance
then Deep Kit
then under the BEAT AGENT ICON, right click
load “Feel how sweet it is”

I receive a message in a window that says "Missing sound archive (double click to subscribe), for example ohb_China_Muted_Short_alt1_01.tg3c
and Cubase suggests to start searching the file on my PC. But the file does not exist on my PC … I tried to search it before …
And Cubase tells me at the end that he can’t find the file and that it miss 5707 files.

I do not know what to do … Maybe I have not installed something but to tell the truth, I have had enough and a little tired …

Obviously, when I close the window, I have no sound on the battery

Thank you in advance for your help.

I think you answered your own question. if your file don’t “exist” you probably haven’t installed it. if it says missing file, find out where the file is supposed to be and then try to search for it on your computer. maybe it was moved by mistake

Hi, the same problem as you. (5.707 missing files)