Groove Agent Expansions in Groove Agent 4SE

I don’t own the full version of Groove Agent, I use GASE that is included with Nek. Just wondering about the drum expansion addons when used in GASE. Would I be missing any functionality if not used in the full version of GA? What exactly are the differences between GA4 Full and GA4SE when using a purchased drum agent like the Nashville addon?

I need some good acoustic pop drums for a current project, cost is not really an issue. So far I have acquired EZD2, AD2 and I already had GA4SE. I like EZD2 for the well thought out song builder but don’t like the premix on all the sounds. I’m thinking I’ll get the crossgrade to SD2 as it is on sale at the moment. AD2 is better then EZD2 for raw sounds but the song creation part is lacking at least as far as I can tell at this point.

Thanks for any info.

Wow 7 days later and no answer…Thank god I didn’t wait for an answer. Thank you Steinberg for steering me away from your products. The guys from Toontrack answered my pre-purchase questions the same day. (Forum) XLN Audio only took a little over 24 hours. (Support) Whatever, I was going to purchase the Simon Phillips Studio Drums but I just can’t justify it now.

All I wanted to know: What is the difference between GA4 and GA4se when using purchased add on Agents. Good job people.

Hey there.

I’m new to using GA4SE. I purchased the Metal Essentials and Rock Essentials packs. I also have both Allen Morgan packs. They work great in SE. I’m considering the demo of GA4. Anyway, from what I can see, the differences arent much in usability. But, you can only use one agent at a time in SE4. I’m having issues with automation of complexity and Intensity but that’s an aside. Also, with the two essentials packs I have, there’s only one drum kit instead of 2 or more.

Here’s a link to the comparison chart:

Hope that helps!