Groove agent external samples saved by default?

Hi. quick question regarding the save of external samples used in groove agent 5 into the Cubase project folder.
Is it possible to make this deafult ? People dont always remember to export kit with samples before going on holidays and then realize that there are hundreds os samples used that you dont have access to it until you get back home…useless project… :frowning:

I don’t think you can make the save a default, but not sure. Try posting in the GA specific forum here

Thanks for your reply.
I posted here because i want cubase to save the samples withing the project folder…i tought it makes sense .

The only way I found to do this, was to copy the samples to a track before adding them to GA. After adding them to GA, delete the samples and leave them in the Pool.

Thats a nice workaround unfortunatly not the best solution.

Totally agree, but at present, that seems to be the only way, unless I’m missing something.

I don’t quite understand why GA does not place the samples into the pool in the first place, or in a dedicated folder within the Project Folder, or at least give the option to do so, as it does, external samples.

If all else fails, maybe a feature request from enough of us would get it implemented.