Groove agent & Halion 6 without eLisenser!

Why GA5 and Halion don’t work without eLisenser in Cubase 12?

Because your licenses for these two plug-ins are still stored in the eLicenser.

In the future you will be able to convert these licenses to the new Steinberg Activation Manager system, but that’s still being worked on as of today.

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Groove Agent 5 is moving to Steinberg Licensing, but there is no information on when this will happen.

HALion will likely move to Steinberg Licensing with the release of HALion 7, probably later this year. Again, there is no date as yet.

Dorico, Cubase and Nuendo have all moved to Steinberg Licensing on a paid update. WaveLab and WaveLab Cast have moved to Steinberg Licensing on a free minor update, though existing licences have yet to be moved. VST Live is a new product on Steinberg Licensing. Spectralayers moves to Steinberg Licensing on a paid update which will be released on 29 June.

That leaves all the instruments and content packs still to move (other than those which are bundled with Cubase or Nuendo). I suspect Steinberg will gain experience with moving WaveLab licences first. Once that process is moving smoothly, Groove Agent 5 might be next. Backbone is also on the list to move to Steinberg Licensing without a paid version update, but there has not been a Steinberg Licensing compatible version of Backbone yet. Nothing has been announced yet in relation to The Grand.

I suspect we might see all of Groove Agent, Backbone and The Grand move to Steinberg Licensing, then a paid update to HALion and a paid update to Absolute. That is just an educated guess, though!

There are still no Steinberg Licensing announcements about lots of other products. I am still waiting for news of VST Connect Pro and the DNxHD video plugin.