Groove Agent hi cpu


Why is the cpu so High with groove Agent 4?

And if i buy groove Agent 4 can i use groove Agent 3 ? Is there a iso to Download, a trial?

Thank You, Oliver

If you have a Multicore CPU you can aktivate Multicore-Support in the GA4-Options.

Hey Maggi,

Thank you for the tipp, but the cpu is very high, maby my Pc is too Slow… I will buy groove Agent 4 and use the Version 3, i like Version 3 more…

Thank you,

Der Alte…


Never tried v3, but I really like what I’m seeing in v4. I love the authentic acoustic drums and percussion, which sounds very nice, and is easy to mix with.

I’m using an old Q6600 PC, back from about 2006, and I don’t have any problems with the performance. GA4 doesn’t strain Cubase 7.5 much here. Maybe you do have to optimize your setup a little bit? :slight_smile:

All the best,