Groove Agent in C9...

Hi I would like to know if I open Groove Agent in Cubase and record it on 6 different midi channels for example kick on one channel, snare on channel 2, high heads one channel 3 and so forth up to 6 channels.

This isn’t possible, but it’s not really necessary since Groove Agent SE 4 supports NoteExpression.

You can still have notes in different MIDI tracks, but they must be routed to the same MIDI channel as the Groove Agent kit (usually channel 1).

Thank you for reply now I understand all about Groove Agent.
Next I would like to know how can I open Hypnotic dance in Halionsonic se2 channels? Actually a while ago I opened Hypnotic dance sounds in Halionsonic channels please see attached pic, but it’s been so long that I don’t remember how I did it is there any video tutorial for this?

You need to use expand the preset browser for that. But I would recommend installing HS SE3 which makes sounds from expansions easier to pick:

“You need to use expand the preset browser for that.”
Kindly can you explain more where is expand the preset browser in HS se2. How can I do this? please see attached pic
Actually I always used to record different hardware keyboards sounds into Cubase, I have never understood Cubase internal VSTI’s but recently I have purchased Cubase 9 pro & Hypnotic dance so I want to use all the internal VSTi’s!
Does Hypnotic dance have 16 part multi tremble? If not then I will have to open hypnotic dance in Halionsonic se2 Kindly give me step by step directions on what I need to do please.
Once I understand how to do this then I will Purchase further updates in HS3.

Click one of the presets, a window like this should pop up:

Click the thing I circled in red and this panel should pop up. Click “Filters”.

You should then be able to see all the expansions you have installed to the left, like this:

How nice of you to go out of your way like this Romantique Tp. Hope it´s appreciated :wink:

Thank=You :sunglasses: Romantique Tp, sorry for late reply …you really helped me out last time its was very much appreciated your detailed reply was so easy to understand so thanks again.