Groove Agent is missing from VST Instruments in Cubase

I am using Cubase AI 5, but after buying and installing Groove Agent 5, Cubase can’t find the Groove Agent Plugin. I 'm trying to “add Instrument track” in a project, but the Groove Agent is not in the VST list. Only HALionOne is showing in the list. Earlier I used a demo of Groove Agent 4 that has expired, and it was working perfectly.

I have now reinstalled my operating system windows 10 (64 bit), and tryed to install Cubase AI 5 and Groove Agent 5 many times, but it wont work.
Both are Full license software. Tryed to install in c:\ progam files\ and c:\ program files x86\

Have anyone any idea how this can be solved?
Anyone who knows if there are different intallations availeble, like 32bit and 64bit for Cubase AI 5 and Groove Agent 5?

  • Pathor

Not sure if there is a VST manager in AI5 but there is in Cubase 8 upwards. Check to see if you have that option, if so see if the GA5 is listed. You may have the VST stored in a wrong folder, it generally will be in your main drive - example for a 64bit windows OS - C:\Program Files\Steinberg\vstplugins\Groove Agent)

Check to see if the GR5 folder is there? there should be a file ‘Groove Agent.dll’ visible