Groove Agent, Jazz Essentials, Flux

Hello everyone…I am not yet familiar with Groove Agent. I have the latest licenses of Cubase 13 Pro and Dorico 5 Pro. Groove Agent and also Jazz Essentials have been installed. Is Jazz Essentials part of the Free Package with Cubase and Dorico licenses like Groove Agent or is it an additional purchase? Indeed, in Halion, Jazz Essentials is preceded by a red asterisk and not accessible and the same in the Library Manager? Is it the same for “Flux”. Thank you in advance for your help. Good day. Daniel

Hi Daniel,
Cubase includes “Groove Agent SE”, a lighter version of the full “Groove Agent”. The full Groove Agent is a paid additional package to all levels of Cubase.
Jazz Essentials is an expansion pack for either version of Groove Agent, and must be purchased separately.

Hello Paul, Thank you so much. now for me it’s much clearer. With my cordial greetings. Daniel