Groove Agent keeps needing Online Synchronization & Maintenance eLicenser

Funny behaviour since last three weeks or so. I make a track with Cubase Elements 8, and Groove Agent. All sounds okay. I save the project, close the PC. and the next time I open the project and the Groove agent tracks sound distorted. Groove agent after opening gives an errorthat files are missing. After closing Cubase, and letting the eLicenser do its maintenance task, then all is well again.

Is there something to be done about this - do I have to do something extra to keep Groove agent in a fit state after closing Cubase?
I have Groove agent as a VST 3 version 3.6.0

Any tip welcome

It might help if you update to the latest version of eLicenser Control Center (click here).

Thanks @David W - tried that. Error message was:

The eLicenser Control installer is already running - this instance ort he eLicenser Control Installer will now be closed.

I have eLC INstallation Version Indeed the current version is eLC INstallation Version

But I doubt if this is the cause of the Groove Agent’s weird behaviour. All other licensed parts of my DAW work well…

update 8 jan2020. eLicenser reinstallation went okay - but Groove Agent problem still occurs.
Any further tips for troubleshooting welcome.