Groove agent kits missing

I’ve recently upgraded from Cubase 11 Po to 12 Pro, and switched over to a new computer. Looking at GrooveAgent 5, I have far fewer kits available. Any obvious reasons why that might be? I don’t remember paying for any additional kits in my previous install (and not easy to check on the previous computer). Presumably, if I paid for a specific version of GrooveAgent that had extra kits, that would be present in my Cubase upgrade?


Before replying, Please look at the licenses you own. Do you own Groove Agent? Do you own content sets?

If you don’t, your license covers everything listed in the Cubase Pro 12 tab of the download assistant, and nothing else.

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I have a similar, but not identical, situation. All of the items under ‘Groove Agent Drum Kits and Styles’ in Steinberg Download Assistant, except for ‘Crisped and Crushed’ are unavailable (red no-entry symbol in media bay/groove agent browser) unless my eLicenser is connected. ‘Crisped and Crushed’ isn’t available at all with/without the eLicenser.

None of the ‘Groove Agent Drum Kits and Styles’ items are listed under ‘My product downloads’ in SDA.

I went through something a bit like this earlier in the year when Steinberg Licensing was introduced and after I updated Cubase 11 to 12. Cubase would pop up a message when launched listing content that couldn’t be loaded - all GA libraries. The majority of these went away after installing updates via Steinberg Download Assistant, except for ‘Bouncy Vibrations’ and ‘Prime Cuts’.

In a support ticket I was told pretty much the same as the above - if it isn’t in the ‘My product downloads’ section of SDA then I don’t own it. Yet this seems contrary to what I see in front of me.

Trying to understand, and after upgrading to Cubase 13 yesterday, I did a complete uninstall/reinstall of my Steinberg software. First, I installed everything in ‘My product downloads’ and checked Steingberg Library Manager to see what had been added after each install, then in Media Bay within Cubase to check for a no entry sign. All good. Next, I installed the items under ‘Groove Agent Drum Kits and Styles’ one by and checked again. I found the red no-entry sign against every item in each of the libraries until I tried again with my eLicenser attached. Except for ‘Crisp and Crushed’, everything was available and loaded into GA fine.

It seems reasonable to conclude that one of the products on my eLicenser provides a valid license for the GA libraries. But I’m none the wiser which, likely candidates being Cubase 11 and Groove Agent 5. I kept a list of the libraries as they appeared in SLM and noted whether they were available in GA/Media Bay but think I need to go through that again and double check. If I recorded things accurately, an install of Cubase followed by an install of Groove Agent adds the following content under Groove Agent in SLM.

After installing Cubase (required and recommended) :

  • Allen Morgan Signature Drums
  • GA SE Rock Pop Toolbox Drums
  • Groove Agent Common Content
  • Groove Agent Factory Content
  • Groove Agent ONE
  • Laser Beams
  • Production Grooves
  • Production Grooves (listed twice, differing file sizes)
  • The Kit SE

After installing Groove Agent and Content Groove Agent 5:

  • All the above
  • Raw Power
  • The Kit

Memory being what it is, I am sure I knew, at the time I bought Groove Agent, I could install the other Groove Agent content, and did so without any issue.

I’m not asking for help and will contact support again, but wanted to add my own experience after reading this post.

Cheers, Nic