Groove Agent latest 5.0.20

Hi all,

Installed Groove Agent latest 5.0.20 & now newest song wont load.
Cubase 10.05/ newest for windows 7.

Have had to reinstall loads of other virtual instruments to get it working again but have now lost Kaspersky internet security due to restoring to a previous point.

Don’t like to complain but didn’t expect it to mess up a perfectly good working system. :cry:

Took me 6 hours to get back to a working state.
What a waste of time.

No more updates for me I guess on my old system as no support for windows 7 anymore. :cry:

Have to buy a new windows 10 Daw this year which will be expensive £2000 including the sound card as old wont work with windows 10.

Rant rant.

Anyone else have this issue ?