Groove Agent "Load Pattern Group"

In the Pattern mode, Groove Agent SE5 has a drop-down arrow at the bottom called “Load Pattern Group”. When you click it it shows what I assume are pattern groups organized into 4 categories: Beat Agent SE, Production Grooves, Rock Pop Toolbox and The Kit SE.

Each one has a name then “Grooves” then a number, e.g., “Dire Matter - Grooves - 97” What does the number mean? It’s in a range that suggests BPM but can’t drums be played at any BPM? Won’t they synchronize to the current tempo? What do the categories mean? Are these patterns specific to the drum kit that’s currently loaded? Is there any way to tell the style of these patterns is or what kind of music they’re for? Where did they come from (I haven’t created and saved any patterns)?

And where is all that documented? I did a Google search on

groove agent “load pattern group”

… and only got a handful of hits with only the most generic information, i.e.,
The user manual just says
Load Pattern Group
Allows you to load a predefined set of MIDI file assignments and play parameter
settings for the 16 pads of the selected group
Surely, there’s more documentation than that, somewhere.

Thanks in advance.

Yes whatever drum kit style you choose it will automatically synch to the set BPM.
In case you didnt know at the bottom of the page once you have selected a drum set there is a little button next to OMRI (bottom left) that you need to press, it turns yellow and sets the midi channel otherwise when you drag patterns into your project often the correct one doesnt play.
I find Steinberg user manuals are written for experienced users. They tell you about something but not the steps to take as a beginner!

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