Groove Agent "No License Found" after updating Licenser Control Center | MacOS

Hi guys,

After upgrading to Cuabse Pro 12 from Pro 11, Cubase 12 worked perfectly fine, along with it’s included VSTs and plugins such as Groove Agent.
However, on the Steinberg Activation Manager Cubase 12 status was “Verification Pending”.
I later resolved it by updating the license via the Licenser Control Center, and I can see Cubase Pro 12 as “Activeted” on the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Now, I don’t know why Groove Agent tells me “No License Found”:

Contrary to the message, there is no further information on the Steinberg Activation Manager…

Why did it happen, and how can I solve it?


Do you have the latest Groove Agent SE update installed, please?