Groove Agent "No License Found"

As I’m a new user, cannot add more than 1 image, so I put 1 image at the bottom with all the screenshots.

I have Cubase AI 9.5 with a bunch of stuff installed.

It is a license I got with my UR 22mkII.

Recently there were a lot of updates, and Groove Agent was updated to SE5. It was working perfectly before, but now it doesn’t work at all, saying No License found. I have a bunch of projects, and this is ridiculous having all these issues after updates with legal software. I have very limited time to play around with this hobby, and now I’m spending more time on fixing these issues than I actually spend on producing music :frowning:

Steinberg Activation Manager tells me there are no licenses found. WTF.

Unfortunately, I have no clue which version was I using in the past, so no way to downgrade.

In Download Assist, I have no Groove Agent available under the Cubase AI version I have:

As the Download Assistant tells me, I have the latest version of Groove Agent SE 5.1.11 installed. I’ve even reinstalled it, but no luck of making it work:

In the Library Manager, I’ve only the default stuff:

So, how do I get back my working Groove Agent setup? :slight_smile:

Sorry, but Groove Agent SE 5 isn’t compatible with your Cubase AI 9.5 license. It was first included with Cubase 10.

The previous version, Groove Agent SE 4, is included with the Cubase AI 9.5 installer. Updates are available from the downloads section of the Steinberg website.

If you wish to use Groove Agent SE 5, please either purchase an upgrade to Cubase Elements 12, or follow these instructions to receive a free Cubase AI 12 license: