Groove agent not appearing in LE 8

I installed Cubase LE 8 along with groove agent.

I watched a tutorial on groove agent and apparently to open it you go to: add instrument track, select groove agent.

In my Cubase I don’t have the option to select grrove agent, only halion appears. Where is groove agent? :question: :question: :astonished:


Do you mean Groove Agent SE? This is not part of Cubase LE. You need the “full” Groove Agent 4 or you have to upgrade to Cubase Elements to get Groove Agent SE.

I noticed during installer it looked like it was installing groove agent also … hmm

Yeah, I noticed it too. From what I can gather, it’s installed but not enabled, which raises the tantalising question as to whether it can be enabled…?

Yes it can - by using a license that contains it


Cubase LE/AI/Elements 8 all use the same installer which is why Groove Agent SE 4 is included with the additional content. The only way to unlock the additional content is to activate a license for Cubase Elements 8. If you’d like, you can upgrade here:

Thank you.

I am a Reborn Cubase User and these are my initial weeks of usage (I still have no MIDI keyboard to plug in yet…thats how new) Anyway I apologise for a potential repeat question…Does the New Cubase 8 Elements come with @Groove Agent@ and if so…how do I activate it…i have input numerous lic etc…and upgraded the Installer software…? Regards IC…Ice Sea


Yes, Cubase Elements 8 includes Groove Agent SE 4. With the Elements 8 license activated in the eLCC, you will unlock the additional content.