Groove Agent One Compatibility with Cubase 12

Hi - I have an old tune that uses Groove Agent One and I thought I had it working with Cubase 12, but that seems not to be the case now. Is it a 32/64-bit issue? Is there any way to get it working now?


Yes, it is. Groove Agent One was 32-bit plug-in only.

Hmmm… but I’m sure I was able to use it in a Cubase 12 project earlier this year…? What about the sound packs that I have for it, like ElekDrums… lost for ever?


It seems I was wrong. There was also 64-bit version (at least for Windows). Here is the way how to install it.

For what it’s worth, you can load the GA1 sets in GA5/GA5 SE. The trick to finding the presets is to use the Cubase Mediabay to find them. There are several ways to get at it, but a fairly direct method is to right click the area shown by the mouse pointer below and choose “Load Preset”. This will call up Steinberg Media Bay. I’ve set a Logical Filter below to show just Groove Agent ONE presets.

For whatever reason they don’t show up in GA5’s native mediabay or browser, but the kits/presets are still there, and should work fine in GA4 or 5. If you do want to force a GA5 tagged preset that shows up in the native preset browser from there you can save a fresh copy of the GA ONE preset.

Windows 11, Cubase 12, Groove Agent ONE is still working fine for me.

Installation of Groove Agent ONE on Cubase (Artist) 8 or later – Steinberg Support

Thanks, I’m on a Mac, so no dice…

Thanks, got it! I’ve found the GA1 kits plus the patterns in the beat designer… BUT… I really like the GA1 GUI as it’s more friendly on the eye; GA5 is just so goddam DARK!! Why? It’s impossible to see where things are and that puts me off using it, even though I’ve owned it for years. I thought there was a way to get the original GA1 GUI working in Cubase 12? I tend to leave Cubase for months and when I come back to it things have changed. But that bloody black interface - what are the designers thinking? Young people with perfect vision in the dark? That’s not me.

Are you using Windows, then, to get the Groove Agent One GUI?

Yes. Windows 11.

I don’t know how it fares on Macs w/Apple Silicon but a vst3 plugin exists.

Put it wherever Macs keep VST3 plugins?

Guys, i can use GAone on my Cubase 12 Mac installation but i have to plug in the old dreaded dongle otherwise i get a eLicenser error and GAone won’t load. Any way around this or do i have to accept defeat and start using GA-SE if i want dongle-free?



It’s probably an Intel Mac, right?

Yes it is.