Groove Agent One dll location

Just upgraded from 7.5 to 9

Every time I open a project in CB9 it complains it can’t find Groove Agent One (Steinberg Media Technologies).

I’ve used that plug-in in 100’s of projects and templates. It’s very frustrating to have to click OK to clear that box every time I open a project.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Groove Agent One to see where it puts the dll. No luck.

Can anyone tell me where to point CB9 to the Groove Agent One dll location?
Cubase box.jpg

I think this is only 32 bit, and you can’t use it at all anymore, but I may be wrong

You can use Groove Agent One still, I have it my 9 installation.

I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions given below to install it (it says Cubase 8 but still works the same for 9). It’s not a dll file as such though.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Copied those two files into the directory (from the READ_ME.txt directions) file and all is well.

In Groove Agent one there used to be a preset/kit called brute’n’bee or something like that.
I can’t find this in Groove Agent 4. Can the sound content of GAone be downloaded somewhere ?

The link I gave above has the download,

Dear planarchist,

how can i reach the article in the database in 2020?
The link does not work anymore - at least here…