groove agent one/elements 7

I’m working in a project, created tracks for midi, audio, and instrument, and accessed groove agent one. The pads play, but when I set the key functions on the transport panel, I get no sound to create drum pattern with. Am I limited to the pad controls? Plus the drum sounds are not recording to track when record is enabled, and I use the pads for sound activation. Thx


Sorry, but I don’t understand your “when I set key functions on the transport panel” statement. What do you mean by this?

To trigger the sounds of pads in the Groove Agent One, use MIDI Notes, please.

I saw you tube video on groove agent operation, and it showed the user switch the keyboard on the left of the transport, to the qwerty functions so drum pattern/midi action, could be created with these letters instead of piano keys.

I see.

Then he had to enable Virtual Keyboard of Cubase (Alt+K). Do you have this virtual keyboard visible on your Transport Panel? Then you have to find the right octave. Please try to switch octave down of the virtual keyboard, to find the pads, which are assigned tothe samples.

I have the virtual keyboard there, and it works. When I click on the bottom right corner it switches to the qwerty symbols, and they do not work (for drum midi signals), on the trans panel or from my physical keyboard. Guessing the options are limited for elements? Not a huge deal, just wondered. One more thing, I attempted to install elements 8 trial in order to evaluate the different drum programs, ga one/ga se 3 & ga 4. I now have the option for groove agent one, or, ga se 3. Is this (ga se 3), Elements 7 specific or is it using part of the elements 8 trial? I thought ga 4 was specific to elements 8. The top of my window still says Elements 7… Thought about updating to elements 8 to get the ga 4 drums, advice on the differences? thx again


Bellow the virtual Keyboard, there are “pads”. You can click them, to find the octave, you want to play. I’m sur, you will find the one, where GA has sounds.

Or, you can use arrow left/right, to change the octave too.

This virtual keyboard must work even in Cubase Elements.