Groove Agent ONE enormous bug??!!

In 2011 a member made a crucial question wich didn’t find answer:

Groove Agent ONE volume slider in the LCD screen does what the f*** it wants!!
Is it possible that the last G.A.O. version Steinberg gives us has such an enormous bug??!!
Is it possible that nobody on the planet noticed that??!!
Is it possible that only a few have this issue…

6 years later somebody reply.

Here’s an easy fix to all Groove Agent ONE bugs and issues: Use the much superior Groove Agent SE 4 that’s included with your version of Cubase.

Why would you even use Groove Agent ONE today when GA SE 4 has all of the important options right there on the first page and is still being updated?

Thank you Romantique Tp for your answer.
I’m already switching. The reason I liked to use Groove Agent ONE is that I like things as simple as possible, and you can agree with me that Groove Agent SE 4 is something like a spacecraft…, especially for someone who’s beginning with music production.
But I will study astronomy though…